Inspection Services

We perform the inspection services of the product, process, system, services, or installation or their design and determination of its conformity with specific requirements.

We are specialized in inspection of the food vehicles under the contract and supervision of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. These services are performed by the experienced Technical Officer/inspectors to comply with the Dubai Municipality guidelines.







A food transport vehicle engaged in transportation of any kind of food, is mandatory to be inspected and approved by the Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality before or at the time of registration or renewal of Mulkia (Registration with RTA) as a pre-requisite to register the vehicle with RTA and shall be issued with the inspection report & permit to keep with the van before involving in delivering any kind of food within the Emirate of Dubai. The violators shall be auctioned as per the Dubai Municipality Local Order No. 11/2003.

Whenever Tawasul uses inspection methods or procedures which are non-standard, such methods and procedures are documented, this refers to Food Transportation Guidelines May 2007 (Dubai Municipality).

Effective Customer Services is the top most priority for our clients to provide the hassle free services at the customer’s premises and /or at the company premises. The company staff is trained enough to cope up with the situation and updated on the regulatory matters with respect to the local requirements.

An Official Partner in Inspection Services

All commercial Vehicles under License of Food Companies/ Businesses require this permission. To keep the food vehicles in compliance, the food vehicles inspection & permit issuance work is performed by TAWASUL as one of the approved strategic partner with Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality. Tawasul is providing the services for Food Vehicles Inspection & issuing permits for the all kind of vans delivering foodstuff into the Emirate of Dubai. Usually the following categories are inspected but not limited to:

a) Chiller Vans b) Freezer Vans c) Freezer & Chillers Composite Units d) Hot Holding Units/Vans e) Dry Foodstuff Distribution Vans f) Chiller & Dry Foods Composite Units g) Freezer & Dry Foods Composite Units h) Hot Food in thermo Box Delivery Vans
This inspection report is required as pre-requisite to issue a MULKIA (Vehicle Registration); in case if the vehicle belongs to anyone of the above category.